[010a] in the mix

when i started mixing records i took my two turntables, a mixer and a tape recorder (yes, i am that old) to leave the results to posterity. at first i mixed hardtrance recordings, then goa and from there on my “style” took shape step by step and turned out to become monotone, sterile and repetitive in the end – what we call looptechno was the thing for me in the late 90s and early 2000s. my first stage was my musty room, then: the musty rooms of my other wannabe dj buddies, then: small parties, bigger parties and even radio sessions. never made it to a club though. but i even got payed in the end from time to time – what was only a theoretical kind of income; and practically spent in advance on the latest vinyls. today i’m back in phase 1. at least the mustiness is gone.

whats left is a slightly damaged hearing and a bunch of picturesque memories. i really don’t wanna miss those days. i never was closer to the underground zeitgeist and it never was more fun to chase it.

to avoid scrapping charges i decided to donate my first car to a charity organization that shipped it to cameroon. on my last ride with the beloved burgundy golf 1 i listened to my latest mixtape. when i arrived at the freight station, i got off the car, threw papers and keys into the letter box of an abandoned looking building, waved goodbye and went to the nearest bus station. on my way back home i realised that i had left the mixtape in the car radio; but to the present day i dont know any techno superstar dj from cameroon who might have been inspired by it.

in the early 2000s my musical interest changed as my horizon expanded. breakbeats and experimental stuff came into play and soon i quit what never would have become a considerable career anyway.

[010a] in the mix

[009] the vinyl thing

my first vinyl was a thing called “the moog strikes bach…” (discogs) by a dude called hans wurman. a buddy’s dad gave it to me one sunny day in the middle of my pubertal nomansland after a short smalltalk about kraftwerk and a beer. both made me feel very manly and mature that day. i listened to the record only once or twice on my dad’s turntable. wasnt quite the thing for me. until now i never explored the hans wurman universe. maybe 35 is the appropriate age for that…

the first vinyls i bought myself were:

“t-raumreise” by ldc a.k.a. alexander abraham (discogs)
“enter the electra world” by insider (discogs world 1, world 2)
“at the end of the cliché” by carl cox (discogs)

playing those on my dad’s turntable beclouded father-son-relationship and so i saved money for my first own turntables – a pair of belt driven reloops. what followed was a tiny period of wannabe-djing thats mentioned separately. after that i sold huge parts of my vinyl collection, keeping the key releases only.

nowadays i’m still buying vinlys from time to time, mostly in celebration of the record store day.

[009] the vinyl thing