[014] video gaming

as soon as another supposedly groundbreaking topic dominates the news, western world is caught in gasping and widespread expert’s escape from their holes for publicly masturbating on eachother’s opinion-faces, it’s time to take a book or a movie – or play some video games.

most of my games are more or less old, i got only a few younger ones and those are kept retro (broforce and stuff). if i started today playing through all of my games, it would keep me busy for the rest of my life probably. it’s the same with reading all my books. my video game library is distinguishable into two different categories: car racing games (75%) and others (25%). platforms: pc, ps1, ps2. the hype left me around 10 years ago obviously.

i think i jumped off that train early enough. there hasn’t happened too much in simracing meanwhile, except graphical improvements of course. but a racing game with sufficient realism regarding physics and graphics is perfectly suitable for me. the big three on pc are:

  1. richard burns rally (2004)
  2. rfactor (2005)
  3. NASCAR racing 2003 season (2003)

what still excites me a lot is mods for racing games (gaming for me is spiced up massively when this kind of adventure and experimentalism is part of the party). what excites me even more: there are even 2016 mods for all of these games mentioned above. long live the retro vibe! (i’m 35 now and therefore allowed to say that!)

[014] video gaming