[030] nordschleife

as top 30 qualifying of the 24h grid is underway i am fully back in nordschleife mood… it’s certainly one of world’s most (in)famous, dangerous and fascinating race tracks – and it’s one of the hardest ones to pronounce for our sweet international commentators (norsleeve? seriously?). actually i’m afraid i never achieved a decent virtual lap time or even a single completely clean lap, but i always loved to watch races there – real ones as well as sim races. i’ve read much about the nordschleife and i’ve been there once years ago, even doing one lap as race taxi passenger (not cherishing the value of this experience enough though due to young age). obvious and clear that i had to make my return to this topic one day… i guess it’s time now to stand up from the all too cozy consumer’s armchair and take the challenge.

systematic approach:

  1. improve simracing capabilities doing laps, laps, laps (including knowledge of braking points, suicide curbs und bumps and shit later on)
  2. learn names of turns / course sections (where is “hohe acht” and whats so special about it?), read some more history and stuff
  3. visit nürburg castle, sit on steilstrecke with a bag of dried fish or something and of course the track, do some hiking, attend a VLN-race maybe

everybody needs aims, right?


(PRISMAfied screenshot of a run with an old skyline in GT Legends)

[030] nordschleife