[037] great great britain

occasion-related summary – what great britain stands for (for me… so far):

richard burns, colin mcrae, kris meeke, craig breen, elfyn evans
jungle (brockie & mc det)
aston martin, lola, radical
the it crowd
gordon ramsay
throbbing gristle
wine gums
top gear (clarkson, hammond, may)
drum and bass (amoss, dispatch rec.)
user, utility plastics, serial scratch
monty python
brands hatch, brooklands, donington park, lydden hill, snetterton, thruxton
prodigy, fluke
lincolnshire poacher
peaky blinders
barbican, tate modern
uk space techno
luke slater, cristian vogel, neil landstrumm, regis, surgeon, luke vibert
billy connolly
craig ferguson
scotch eggs
sarah kane
tricky, portishead
james graham ballard
hyde park
ginger beer
little britain
ray cokes
waldemar januszczak

to be continued…


[037] great great britain

[021] monoboutique

of course i can’t remember the first ever officially “techno” labeled track i listened to. rather certainly it wasn’t the one that’s defined so by most people: “sharevari” by a number of names, released in the year of my birth by capriccio records. the first monobeat driven track i bought myself was “rhythm is a dancer” by snap in early 90s. right from the start, techno was the thing for me – and it still is. of course the spectrum widened but i can’t be without it for a longer while.

often described as my personal religion kind of thing, going to clubs was nothing but going to the “holy mass” for me in early 2000s. in a text fragment from 2003, entitled “the grassroot cyborg”, i wrote that everybody owned a “robot-nature” inside – an obvious “buddha-nature” adaption. reaching a state of hypnotic trance after some dancing to monobeatish electronic music allowed everybody (conscious of this “robot-nature”) to get in touch with the “universal robot soul”, which freed from earthly restraints for a shorter while and allowed transformation into a cyborg step by step. those days, melody was banned due to emotionally distracting  “unclean” effects. it was all “clean(ing)” loop techno’s job.

later i created the theory that my body directly reacted to the monobeats, in the form of accepting it as the new metronome. after a certain while of nonstop minimal monobeats (and the state of trance i mentioned above), my heart would stop and my body would be propelled by this (more stable, more constant, more reliable and therefore way better) external force. effects: ability to see things as they really are (!), body feels light and floating. as soon as the rhythm stopped, my heart would be resuming its activity.

alongside countless others, this track perfectly served it’s purpose back then:

[021] monoboutique

[010a] in the mix

when i started mixing records i took my two turntables, a mixer and a tape recorder (yes, i am that old) to leave the results to posterity. at first i mixed hardtrance recordings, then goa and from there on my “style” took shape step by step and turned out to become monotone, sterile and repetitive in the end – what we call looptechno was the thing for me in the late 90s and early 2000s. my first stage was my musty room, then: the musty rooms of my other wannabe dj buddies, then: small parties, bigger parties and even radio sessions. never made it to a club though. but i even got payed in the end from time to time – what was only a theoretical kind of income; and practically spent in advance on the latest vinyls. today i’m back in phase 1. at least the mustiness is gone.

whats left is a slightly damaged hearing and a bunch of picturesque memories. i really don’t wanna miss those days. i never was closer to the underground zeitgeist and it never was more fun to chase it.

to avoid scrapping charges i decided to donate my first car to a charity organization that shipped it to cameroon. on my last ride with the beloved burgundy golf 1 i listened to my latest mixtape. when i arrived at the freight station, i got off the car, threw papers and keys into the letter box of an abandoned looking building, waved goodbye and went to the nearest bus station. on my way back home i realised that i had left the mixtape in the car radio; but to the present day i dont know any techno superstar dj from cameroon who might have been inspired by it.

in the early 2000s my musical interest changed as my horizon expanded. breakbeats and experimental stuff came into play and soon i quit what never would have become a considerable career anyway.

[010a] in the mix

[007] beloved 303

no idea what exactly touches me so freaking much, but the roland transistor bass 303 is still the thing for me on the field of synthesizers. simply a (a?… THE!) tweaking, unrivaled one of a kind majesty – its unique sound is still and will always be able to immediately generate warm goosebumps of joy when appearing unexpectedly.

i’m accustomed to this sound in three ways: as protagonist in acid house and techno tracks, as essential ingredient of goa trance (call me retro!) and pure from hours and hours of playing around with rebirth or different vst adaptions and shit or countless tutorial or demonstration videos on youtube. dont need more sometimes…

even though i adore experimenting aound with software, i’d love to own a hardware version of it one day. but actually, i am not that kind of hardware nerd, so i’d be happy and completely satisfied with the new (and affordable!) aira tb-3 touch bassline. a roland at least it must be.

a couple of years ago i had the opportunity to put my fingers on an original at frankfurt music fair; luckily i knew pattern programming sufficiently from rebirth. oh, and i’m proud owner of the official manual i once downloaded somewhere, lol.

[007] beloved 303

[002] on goa trance

i discovered goa trance in the mid90s. the first song track i probably ever heard was “mahadeva” by astral projection. this track, or to be precise: the included line “om namah shivaya”, constitutes my first contact with hinduism as well. i immediately fell in love with this exotic but (in my case at the time) pure and sober idea of psychedelic, the innocent appreciation of complex, hypnotic and vivid arrangements. i bought cds and some vinyls as well. personal heyday: late 90s.

soon after that my own dj “career” started to materialize and i left everything melodious behind for this thing called “loop techno”. rather simultaneously, the entire psytrance thing started to move on, leaving melody (and the 303) mostly behind as well. i never lost contact really though, attended several parties, concerts and festivals.

today, there is a huge variety of subgenres to be explored, like full-on, progressive, darkpsy, twilight, morning, forest, zenonesque, psycore, hi-tech, suomi and so on… but right now i’m all into classic or new wave goa trance again, listening to webradios and the old stuff i’ve got. i’ve never been to goa or even india and i’m still not interested.

[002] on goa trance