[030] nordschleife

as top 30 qualifying of the 24h grid is underway i am fully back in nordschleife mood… it’s certainly one of world’s most (in)famous, dangerous and fascinating race tracks – and it’s one of the hardest ones to pronounce for our sweet international commentators (norsleeve? seriously?). actually i’m afraid i never achieved a decent virtual lap time or even a single completely clean lap, but i always loved to watch races there – real ones as well as sim races. i’ve read much about the nordschleife and i’ve been there once years ago, even doing one lap as race taxi passenger (not cherishing the value of this experience enough though due to young age). obvious and clear that i had to make my return to this topic one day… i guess it’s time now to stand up from the all too cozy consumer’s armchair and take the challenge.

systematic approach:

  1. improve simracing capabilities doing laps, laps, laps (including knowledge of braking points, suicide curbs und bumps and shit later on)
  2. learn names of turns / course sections (where is “hohe acht” and whats so special about it?), read some more history and stuff
  3. visit nürburg castle, sit on steilstrecke with a bag of dried fish or something and of course the track, do some hiking, attend a VLN-race maybe

everybody needs aims, right?


(PRISMAfied screenshot of a run with an old skyline in GT Legends)

[030] nordschleife

[014] video gaming

as soon as another supposedly groundbreaking topic dominates the news, western world is caught in gasping and widespread expert’s escape from their holes for publicly masturbating on eachother’s opinion-faces, it’s time to take a book or a movie – or play some video games.

most of my games are more or less old, i got only a few younger ones and those are kept retro (broforce and stuff). if i started today playing through all of my games, it would keep me busy for the rest of my life probably. it’s the same with reading all my books. my video game library is distinguishable into two different categories: car racing games (75%) and others (25%). platforms: pc, ps1, ps2. the hype left me around 10 years ago obviously.

i think i jumped off that train early enough. there hasn’t happened too much in simracing meanwhile, except graphical improvements of course. but a racing game with sufficient realism regarding physics and graphics is perfectly suitable for me. the big three on pc are:

  1. richard burns rally (2004)
  2. rfactor (2005)
  3. NASCAR racing 2003 season (2003)

what still excites me a lot is mods for racing games (gaming for me is spiced up massively when this kind of adventure and experimentalism is part of the party). what excites me even more: there are even 2016 mods for all of these games mentioned above. long live the retro vibe! (i’m 35 now and therefore allowed to say that!)

[014] video gaming

[005] happy birthday, colin mcrae!

at some time in my late 10s or early 20s i officially named my penis after my favourite racecar driver. well, back in the days it was not colin mcrae (any more). for the record: best introduction ever. anyways, colin mcrae certainly was the initial spark for my interest in rallye and the WRC that persists to the present day – even though in a lowered intensity. today would have been his 48th birthday if he hadn’t died in a helicopter crash mid september 2007.

he brought me to rallye, as i said – and in addition to that he brought me to rallye video games as well. “colin mcrae rally” was most likely the first ever rallye videogame i played. beloved ps1 days. i am still proud owner of all 5 games of the pre dirt series and still playing. they are definitely part of my simracing nostalgia, not big business any more though – but as these games are very beginner friendly, they are great fun for 8 year old junior simracers.

what else to say? “if in doubt, flat out!” of course. rest in peace, hero.

[005] happy birthday, colin mcrae!

[003] sweet nothingness

bloggers know: nothing is too banal to be mentioned here. this is a rather personal thing anyway…

activities with no productivity purpose were considered a waste of time a bit too long – with known results in the end. (basic) lessons we learn, or: he that will not hear must feel. so let’s focus on exact those (all meditative) activites – vacation plans:

  • vipassana meditation (one of the few leftovers of my buddhist period a couple of years ago),
  • longer walks at night, listening to quality psydub releases (“quality” mostly means being freed from flute, piano, guitar or other new age elements, check player below for a representative example),
  • sitting there in the middle of the forest with a field recorder, recording the sweet nothing, walden’s spirit,
  • getting lost in virtuality like exploring netlabel cemetry, playing around with music production tools, taking a hundred training laps around virtual eldora speedway or simply going on a tour through second life universe with my buddy adalbert, exploring abandoned places, favourite and new spots and (again) listening to sounds and music…
[003] sweet nothingness