[021] monoboutique

of course i can’t remember the first ever officially “techno” labeled track i listened to. rather certainly it wasn’t the one that’s defined so by most people: “sharevari” by a number of names, released in the year of my birth by capriccio records. the first monobeat driven track i bought myself was “rhythm is a dancer” by snap in early 90s. right from the start, techno was the thing for me – and it still is. of course the spectrum widened but i can’t be without it for a longer while.

often described as my personal religion kind of thing, going to clubs was nothing but going to the “holy mass” for me in early 2000s. in a text fragment from 2003, entitled “the grassroot cyborg”, i wrote that everybody owned a “robot-nature” inside – an obvious “buddha-nature” adaption. reaching a state of hypnotic trance after some dancing to monobeatish electronic music allowed everybody (conscious of this “robot-nature”) to get in touch with the “universal robot soul”, which freed from earthly restraints for a shorter while and allowed transformation into a cyborg step by step. those days, melody was banned due to emotionally distracting  “unclean” effects. it was all “clean(ing)” loop techno’s job.

later i created the theory that my body directly reacted to the monobeats, in the form of accepting it as the new metronome. after a certain while of nonstop minimal monobeats (and the state of trance i mentioned above), my heart would stop and my body would be propelled by this (more stable, more constant, more reliable and therefore way better) external force. effects: ability to see things as they really are (!), body feels light and floating. as soon as the rhythm stopped, my heart would be resuming its activity.

alongside countless others, this track perfectly served it’s purpose back then:

[021] monoboutique