[057] the 13.874th day

“… because memory is what we are”

the idea of the “polaroid” called literary snaphot is ages old. these things though have the highest value for myself in times like these, that’s why i decided to get back to this again a little more.

today i slept pretty much all day. there is a lot falling off of me right now. in the afternoon it started raining, i opened all windows and layed myself on a sleeping-roll in midst of the draft. since i felt the all natural background noise needed little synthetic enhancement i tuned in “24/7 Dark Ambient Music Livestream for Studying Lovecraftian Tomes“. when the rain stopped i opened my eyes again and searched the wallpapers for discolorations of black smoke as a result of the detoxication process of my soul.

prepared myself some non-hipster dinner (fried slices of maultaschen with homemade lecsó sauce) and started processing my watchlist. first stop:

i loved both, but… neither will i study lovecraftian tomes nor listen to nick cave’s music now. it’s just that these things make this moment last and memorable. alongside this small note.

p.s. i could have added a shot of the outside weather quite easily, but you don’t add pictures when the text was first – the text, that represents the inside weather.

[057] the 13.874th day

[051] 1981 musicwise

i never really listened to music from my year of birth – with the great exception of kraftwerk which happened because of kraftwerk of course and not because of 1981. “computerwelt” was kraftwerk’s 8th album and released may 10th, according to discogs. obligatory quote: “the machine featured on the cover is in fact a hazeltine 1500 terminal, not technically a computer”. thanks much, agent weisenheimer, haha!

the first time i asked myself the question “what happened in 1981 musicwise? what’s to be discovered here?” was like a week ago. so i started a little exploration tour, got a fair amount of releases relatively quick, filtered out all the big national (roedelius, schnitzler, göttsching etc.) as well as international names (numan, legendary pink dots, throbbing gristle etc.), gave it all a try and figured out the following top 5 of releases by artists i never heard of… that’s what an exploration tour is all about, right?

5. didier bocquet – sequences (discogs, youtube)
4. tyndall – traumland (discogs, youtube)
3. andreas grosser ‎- venite visum (discogs, youtube)
2. rüdiger lorenz – silver steps (discogs, youtube)
1. jean hoyoux – planètes (discogs, youtube)

this selection is based on my current mood and therefore kind of kraftwerkonian / jarresque synthpoppy ambient. maybe i’ll start an experimental approach one day as well – and there is still this entire noise tape universe left to be explored… but for now i’ll continue floating on the analogue synth wave to what hasn’t changed since my childhood: the sweet imagination of this celestial electronic wonderland.

[051] 1981 musicwise

[042] elektrolux

elektrolux (not to be confused with electrolux, swedish washing machine manufacturer) was* a german label releasing unique highest quality downtempo sound – a unique and perfect symbiosis of pure (robotic) ambient with dub / electro elements. the sound clearly stands out from all the other lounge-style chillout kind of mumble pulp crap.

my personal elektrolux heyday was late 90s / early 2000s when the music guided me through countless sunrises after club nights, waiting for the first train home or in car on the empty autobahns. i’m so truly thankful for all this! it’s also still connected with lots of after hours and, of course, the space night series. elektrolux has been mentioned in every blog i had so far and of course it has to be a part of this one as well… even though i own quite some releases meanwhile, there is still much to be collected and the elektrolux hunt is continuing to be  part of every music fair visit.

the track packed with the most emotions, warmth and memories certainly is “funkstille” by frank rückert and marcus schmahl alias rauschfaktor. oh boy…

*) the label still exists obviously, got renamed into elux recordings but releases now lounge-style music as well, at least what i heard during a first quick check

[042] elektrolux

[041] the heidelsheim times… kind of

what we have here is the new york times magazine, 2017 voyages issue. frontpage shows some (non-explicit) nudes at a beautiful lakeshore and says: “how families around the world spend their vacations”. that’s supposed to be quality entertainment for me, mostly due to the lovely fact that estonia and ukraine are featured. when i sent the link to a buddy, he told me something astonishing which, in the following, will be shared with all earthly pleasures…

let’s start with mr. arthur ochs sulzberger jr., born september 22, 1951 in mount kisco / new york, american journalist and publisher of the new york times since 1992. his father, nickname “punch” (1926-2012), was his predecessor and published the ny times from 1963 on. before that, punch’s father arthur hays sulzberger (1891-1968) did the same from 1935 on. apparently we have a rather famous publisher family here. well, let’s go on.

the parents of arthur hays sulzberger were mr. cyrus lindauer sulzberger (1858-1932), no publisher but a cotton-goods merchant, philanthropist and president of the jewish agricultural and industrial aid society and rachel peixotto hays (1861-1938). our friend cyrus had a father as well. his name was leopold sulzberger (1805-1881). now, finally, for the interesting part.

leopold sulzberger, the great great grandfather of the current publisher of the new york times including our adorable magazine, had a brother named abraham. both were born german and later migrated to philadelphia (not yet sure when exactly). and where in germany were they from? a cute and tiny village called heidelsheim, which is 5 km away from the place i live. monday to friday i’m usually visiting heidelsheim twice a day. on my bike to / from work. it’s nice there.



well, almost…

[041] the heidelsheim times… kind of

[036] one day you’ll be…

“one day you’ll be thirty-six. let’s hope you’re still alive and did not become one of those. if you can’t remember who they are, its too late.” (diary, 1997)

found it a couple of weeks ago and kept it for this very blogpost. now, a week away from my 36th birthday i’m afraid i have to confess that i actually became one of “those”… of course i still know who “they” are – the people i hated the most back then: the traumatized, the boring, caught in a robotic daily life routine… still alive though.

[036] one day you’ll be…

[033] documenta 14? nope!

several times i wanted to visit the documenta, the giganto exhibition of contemporary art, taking place every 5 years in kassel. my first (and only) time thus far was back in 2012 for documenta 13 – which turned out to be a complete blast in every aspect. as a consequence, there was a looooot of excitement and anticipation for this years documenta, that drastically crashed just recently.

well, one cannot and should not compare. of course every documenta is different and unique with their own artistic directors, themes, ambitions and concepts as well as, of course, artists… but: in 2012 there was a huge and addicting hype already long before the opening in june. interviews with the super-likeable carolyn christov-bakargiev, reports, speculations and rumors and lots of publications (first and foremost these tiny artist’s notebooks). i had the feeling to be able to kind of grow with the whole thing? caught by the wave very early. documenta 13 itself was an exhibition of art and ideas in an optimistic, free and unpredictable fashion and enormous variation. a mindblowing thing and therefore the perfect escape from daily life.

documenta 14 was not hyped at all beforehand. not much to find out and the small pieces that got known were, you know. the artistic director himself? you know… his concept is very different from the one of 2012 for sure. apparently, adam szymczyk uses art as an instrument for his hypocritical moralizing lecture with a wagging finger. he confronts the visitors with subjects like politics, economy, global inequity, globalization, gentrification, slavery, imperialism, fascism, oppression, nationalism, colonialism and the “problematic” relation between germany and greece.

i personally have a rather sophisticated and reasonable opinion of every of those topics i’d say (alongside a true and honest compassion for victims of every kind of injustice), but i simply dont wanna be confronted with these topics in the context of an art exhibition – which, for me, symbolizes the opportunity to escape from demagogy and populism for a while. not gonna happen in kassel for sure.

dear mr. szymcyk, please go to athens, stay there, surround yourself with your deciples of bad conscience, do-gooders and those with the need for over-theorization of everything, improve your own world, get a halo, have a long life and leave the free world alone. thank you. ah, one more. the documenta is a kassel-thing!

[033] documenta 14? nope!

[031] dune

one of my first music experiences beyond radio, my very first concert as well as my very first severe crush – and part of every blog i had so far: verena von strenge / dune. i think i was a solid groupie back then: buying all CDs, wallpapering my room with posters, writing love letters (never to be sent though), daydreaming and painting the dune logo countless times. the concert i mentioned took place mid 90s in nearby rastatt and was recorded and released on CD later on. it took a while until i understood that this was no usual procedure with concerts but something rather special.

it’s not entirely a nostalgia thing actually since sóley (4) recently took a fancy to the all happy, pumping, melody driven music and verena’s voice. as i’m writing this article she appears in my office because she heard the music in her room, asking for a video… ❤

i certainly have to mention mr. oliver froning, the producer and mind behind dune. i deeply appreciate his work in all gratefulness even though i was drastically jealous for a certain while. he's still a dj and producer i've read. verena left the music sphere for some serious business long ago.

the track with most memories connected and therefore my alltime favourite:

[031] dune