[013] oldskool jungle

one of the most fascinating movements of electronic music certainly is the jungle movement from the early and mid90s – in my case seen from a distance for several reasons.

  1. i was in my early or mid 10s back then and not ready for club things.
  2. i wasn’t living in the UK, not even in a town. no movements at all.
  3. i have no reggae roots.
  4. my (conscious) primary socialization musicwise is monobeatish.

for the stated reasons jungle will remain exotic and mysterious to all eternity for me. well, lesson in maturity: it’s not always necessary to completely get to the bottom of things. it kills the spirit often enough. not possible here. i’m free to enjoy. thats why i love it so much these days… favourite duo: bbrrooocckkkiiieeeee & det:

p.s. it’s not the first and only time i wished to be born a little bit earlier. i would have been able to experience the first wave of techno and probably would be a little more excited about things like vaporwave.

[013] oldskool jungle