[018] sheep existence

“nautilus was a liar, a narcisstic impostor. most of the stories he told about himself and his achievements were pure fiction. no doubt about that. nevertheless i liked him and continued hanging around with him. i didnt care about truth. it just wasnt important in this case – i loved the imagery.” (2007)

i’m fucking sensible and receptive to images in general (go check my instagram) – and especially to poetic images. gonna collect and share them in here, which should be no bigger problem since i used every single one of my favourites at least 3 times in different texts and stuff.

first one derives from a story my granny told me several times to explain life – or at least her point of view on it. i simply was too little back then to figure out with certainty whether she really believed in that or not. anyway, here is what she told me:

we’re all born as little sheep and start the journey of our life on a pasture where the grass is cut too short to provide food for us. in order to survive we have to move on. there are two directions – one leads to “day pasture” (tagweide) and another to “night pasture” (nachtweide). everyone of us has to make his choice where to go. on both pastures we find sufficient food and other sheep that are just like us. when we arrive there we’re living our life until we die. there are two different ways to die. on day pasture, we become light and lighter, get off the ground, rising up and finally burn up in sun. on night pasture we become heavy and heavier, a chasm yawnes in front of us, we fall into it and finally are eaten by mother earth.

i thought about this uncountable times, trying to place myself into this most picturesque theories of all. never succeeded really since there still are way too many unanswered questions about it. i dont think that i’d stay on one of the pastures. most likely i’d continuously run from one to the other and back again – and finally dying from hunger somewhere in between. the metaphor of the restless soul. seen all but never really arrived somewhere. at least that sounds like the summary of my first 35 years.

feel free to let me know your interpretation.

[018] sheep existence