[015] heaven and hell

and then you sit there on the grandstands, surrounded by extensively tattooed and tough looking dudes with beers and half military half rockeresque clothings; desciples of lucifer, you think, ready for the invocation of their lord, the fallen angel, the antichrist, the devil himself. the instruments used for this are hell machines with thousands of horsepower, so called “top fuel dragster” or “funny cars”, roaring down the quarter mile with more than 400 kph and creating an ear-shattering noise that must be able to wake up the people of china, you think.

at some point, i decided to leave this scenery, went for a walk and found myself in heaven all too soon. ok, enough silly metaphors. i left the dragstrip at hockenheimring and went for a walk through my beloved sachskurve, my favourite of all racetrack turns. everyone should have a favourite turn. if you dont have one yet, go with the corkscrew or eau rouge.

after some shots, the devilish part of me took over again and i returned to the dragstrip, anxious not to miss the second round of qualification runs of europe’s drag racing elite.

the attached images that are white-dominated are taken in heaven, sachskurve area. those black-dominated are associated with hell, hellfire and the invocation of the devil; looking peaceful though. for action pictures go ask google for “nitrolympx 2016”.


[015] heaven and hell