[049] everything is temporary

i should write more about music again i think. i should write more in general again but music is certainly the best way to get back to it…

a few weeks ago andy tweedale and james evans a.k.a. amoss released their debut album called “everything is temporary” on beloved dispatch recordings, which is by far the best drum&bass album i listened to in a long while. a few days ago they released their latest cranium sessions episode which guides us through the tracks that made it on to the album and the ones that didn’t. beyond that it delivers lots of background stories, insights into production process and some of the influences. a true jewel.

cranium sessions podcast is one of the few podcasts i’m delighted to say that i listened to every single episode so far… best in business. perfect summer sound!

[049] everything is temporary

[048] Waiting for the shock treatment

“it appears like an innocuous illness. monotony, boredom, death. millions live like this (or die like this) without knowing it. they work in offices. they drive a car. they picnic with their families. they raise children. and then some shock treatment takes place, a person, a book, a song, and it awakens them and saves them from death. some never awaken. they are like the people who go to sleep in the snow and never awaken. but i am not in danger because my home, my garden, my beautiful life do not lull me. i am aware of being in a beautiful prison, from which I can only escape by writing.”

anaïs nin, diary, winter 1931/32


and here we are, again, waiting for the shock treatment…

[048] Waiting for the shock treatment

[047] salad oil 718

most of my instagram shots are containing special memories and stuff what’s naturally not visible for the viewer. it’s just more of a personal thing, let’s call it a clandestine value… treasure chest. but due to the fact that most uploads look kind of cute you’re still free to like them. several times already i asked myself whether or not to tell the story behind the picture (since its a picture, it’s not able to tell the story by itself). but yeah, i postponed that… to today. this particular shot stands for a ton of different things all in one. a variety of mixed (even contradictory in parts) emotions. at least it feels like this…

what it actually is:

it’s a snippet of an advertisement poster for salad oil, done by a guy named jan toorop back in 1894 (i know what this sounds like! but it’s a damn fact. not making this up!). the entire thing can be seen here: rijksmuseum.nl. and since it’s public domain i made a tiny glitched edition.

what it stands for:

this phase of life where everything appears vague, supercomplex and dynamic – but in the big picture, the whole show feels like it’s slowing down, approaching the ultimate stagnation point, the glorious standstill. it’s not the first time i’m experiencing this but it’s the first time i share this with somebody… while listening to the cranberries in a loop.

and here it is, symbolizing truly special days while describing them best:



[047] salad oil 718

[046] dolores

for some reason i was rather heavily struck by the passing of dolores o’riordan, for some magical reason that wasn’t too obvious right from the start, for some reason that demanded some serious thinking and exploration of my insides. i mean, i never really got any deeper into the cranberries and their music… i like dolores’ voice and i knew the major hits from the radio but that’s pretty much it. it turned out that it was not the cranberries or their music, it was dolores herself who made her certain impact here.

somewhere mid90s when teenage-me made his first and second music tv experiences, dolores o’riordan entered the stage one day and stood there with all of her irishness, her sophisticated definition of art and her overall scepticism towards pop-hype and shit (same thing with björk, sinead o’connor etc.). for me the main profit of music television clearly was (and still is) the interviews. anyway, she said the right things for teenage-me to feel safe and receive the first pieces for his mosaic called “ideal woman”. with her death i lose a bit of this safety or even secureness of those days back then and another part of my adolescent life.

rest in peace, dolores!

[046] dolores

[045] offseason #2

as a follow-up of last year’s post, i’ll quickly check what happened in 2017 in my cute motorsport universe:

the 2017 NASCAR season was nothing too special, i’d say. the newly invented stage racing format killed a good part of the “endurance” factor but my personal nightmare was something else: somewhere in the midst of the season rumors emerged saying 2017 could mark matt kenseth’s final season. time creeped by until matt himself announced the fact that he indeed didn’t have a seat for the upcoming cup series. erik jones will take over the #20 and all the other available seats were given to wtf names. even though hope is known for dying last, it eventually did and therefore i quit my subscription of raceview. unlike in the early 2000s when rusty wallace waved goodbye to the cup, there is no successor this time, no too interesting young gun. well, erik jones maybe, ok… or william byron? we’ll see.

the WRC season was a complete success. the new cars are fantastic, gone was vw dominance, warmly welcomed were different manufacturers and driver’s names on the podiums – and the thrill! hell yeah! it was a purely exciting season, the first one in more than a decade. in the end the champion was the same though, but winning the whole thing in a ford gained ogier a ton of respect. thumbs up, WRC!

world rallycross championship lost almost all of its fascination and attractivity again in the blink of an eye. everything started good and interesting but soon turned into a hyperboring vw dominance show. not only that lydden hill was permanently kicked off the schedule, they also will skip hockenheim for the 2018. thumbs down! it all will depend on the first few races whether or not RX will go across the styx soon.

highlights 2017: the NASCAR whelen euroseries made its first stop in hockenheim which was a very cool thing to attend (still lots of potential for growth and optimization though). the outstanding highlight clearly was the 24 hours of le mans live at porsche museum in zuffenhausen. the 919 hybrid took the heavily celebrated win in porsche’s last LMP 1 season.

in 2018 i hopefully will finally manage to go to le mans… in any case i’m gonna focus on the endurance series and finally turn myself towards my longer lasting but always shy love for LMP3 cars…


[045] offseason #2

[044] so long (for now), raceview!

it’s clearly a one of a kind experience to be able to follow your favourite driver as a realtime 3d-model from a variety of angles throughout an entire race, listening to in-car audio and having all kinds of live stats available all the time – nerd’s paradise! it makes you feel more connected, especially to your driver of course, but also to the entire race in general since the whole thing runs interruption-free, a big bonus primarily in NASCAR, where the live broadcast is paused every 5 minutes for commercial reasons.

despite all that, it all makes sense only as long as there is somebody out on the race track that you call your favourite driver. my favourite driver since the retirement of rusty wallace is matt kenseth who most probably won’t run (fulltime) in the upcoming season. so far there is no successor in sight and that’s why i just stopped my subscription to RaceView after three seasons.

big thanks & shouts to NASCAR, all thumbs up for this thing! i’ll get back as soon as there is another star in my personal cup driver firmament…

Opera Snapshot_2017-11-19_233713_sportvision.meta.nascar.com
(screenshot from the final race of the 2017 cup series season)


[044] so long (for now), raceview!

[043] the perfect escape

it’s not always necessary to go long distance in order to find a cute little place where you can hide from the world for some valuable time. you don’t even have to escape into the arms of nature. there are these spots in midst of all civilisation as well… like highway reststops on a very early sunday morning.

nothing but you with yourself, a bowl of goulash soup and a pot of artificial flowers in your warmly illuminated cocoon with this specific background noise that is actually subsisting but reduced to a minimum. not only that it’s not disturbing much, it feels like it’s even improving all meditational effects, like some sort of urban equivalent of the rushing of a creek. where no soundtrack is needed.


[043] the perfect escape