[050a] ante mountains

in addition to my decision to spend a night in the woods soon, i also decided to go to the mountains even sooner. won’t tell too much as of yet due to superstition – but it’s great to have such intentions again for sure! in the making of the essential few preparations (i still consider myself a rather spontaneous person) i’m sitting in front of my computer, late at night, having some pastis, listening to the rain outdoors, feeling the refreshing thunderstorm breeze and – now coming straight to the point – compiling mountains soundtrack. what we have so far:

  1. va – mixcult circle one by andrey pushkarev (2018)
  2. yagya – rigning (2018)
  3. richard chartier – direct.incidental.consequential (1998)

it’s all in all a very ambientesque compilation but that’s exactly what i desperately need these days: this one of a kind heaviest chillout mood in which listening to ambient totally works.

is it that simple indeed?

[050a] ante mountains

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