[039] feed me, dirty princess!

so, you are a large city with millions of inhabitants and tourists? you provide world famous landmarks as well as brutally amazing architecture and hidden gems? classic and contemporary art – and even a blistering streetart movement? fast-paced urbanism alongside some of the most relaxing parks? you are symbol and centre of different electronic music subgenres? you serve top-level food to the sophisticated? you have this sexy aura of not giving too much of a fuck in general? you feel real?

congratulations, you are london and this text is for you!

dear, it’s been a while. you still have bad teeth but a conquering smile. your dress is dirty and worn-out in parts but i’d still leave almost any other place on the face of the planet immediately to get back to you. thanks for having me recently, thanks for existing and until next time… there are not many places where underground still feels this alive and kicking. thanks again, hang in there & take care, dark beauty!

yours truly

a. k.


[039] feed me, dirty princess!

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