[035] RIP LMP1

porsche recently announced to leave the lmp1 division at the end of the 2017 wec-season. from then on toyota would be the only remaining manufacturer and its more than probable that they’re gonna quit as well.

porsche’s reasons for this decision are quite understandable (constant pursuit of the biggest challenge) and it makes me more than happy that i got the opportunity to watch their la(te)st 24h of le mans live at porsche museum in zuffenhausen including victory (and victory celebrations).

they will keep their rsr in the gt-competition but that, to be honest, is nothing of interest for me at this point. le mans will be le mans after all and for quite a while now i wanted to throw myself deeper into the lmp2 business. time has come, i reckon.
[postscript: there is still a shitload of lmp-like cars and series that i never heard of so far, as i found out only today again during american fan fest at hockenheimring. world dfinitely keeps turning! let’s start with radical-universe maybe…]


[035] RIP LMP1

One thought on “[035] RIP LMP1

  1. […] highlights 2017: the NASCAR whelen euroseries made its first stop in hockenheim which was a very cool thing to attend (still lots of potential for growth and optimization though). the outstanding highlight clearly was the 24 hours of le mans live at porsche museum in zuffenhausen. the 919 hybrid took the heavily celebrated win in porsche’s last LMP 1 season. […]


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