[034] netlabels

once or twice a year i still use to spend some online time on doing another netlabel tour – a virtual walk through this gigantic cemetery of trend-setting concepts and lost battles against the disadvantages of this kind of non-profit projects. some are still alive and there are even new ones to be registered each time i drop by. my personal netlabel heyday was between early and late 2000s i’d say.

staying up to date requires an insane amount of effort and time investment since basically everybody can provide music (or whatever is considered music) free and easy. the problem is: almost everybody does indeed, benefitting from the lack of professional quality control. therefore you have to go through a breathtaking amount of bullshit until one of those jewels comes to light, the jewels that are worth all the effort, that make you feel close to the real underground, that dont need to be afraid of the competition with major label releases. there is a bunch of very good netlabels of course. i will check cemetery, blogs and archives and even hunt out some new ones…

one of those quality netlabels certainly is bulgarian mahorka that just released the 5th issue of their “music for elevators” compilation series for the 2017 netlabel day. hell yeah! ambient par excellence!

[034] netlabels

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