[010b] in the multitrack mix

when club music left its physical forms and went on to become digital – napster heyday simultaneously – i discovered the universe of so called home listening. i swapped clubs, festivals and parties for my apartment’s couch, monobeats for break beats or no beats and vinyl labels like monoid, utility plastics or antidandruff for the freshly discovered netlabels. the mp3 entered the scene and it all felt like the necessary next step in the right direction.

years later, when i was fed up with next level gluttony i started thinking about getting active and mixing some tracks again. being some sort of human sync button certainly wasn’t the thing for me and one absinthe pregnant night i discovered multitrack mixing. lining up one track after the other belonged to the past as i went for lining up stuff on three or more layers – which offered (and still offers) a beautiful scope for creative action.

at the end of the day, it’s not like mixing in its proper sense even though live mixing still is no impossibility at all. it is the way more compositional approach in my humble opinion. playing several layers at the same time gives the recording the appropriate depth. it’s an ambient thing though.

one example, my reanimation of two of the best dead netlabels (luumu and robot opera), can be found here.

[010b] in the multitrack mix

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