[001] mid-30s inventory

on may 23rd back in 2007, a wednesday, i decided to leave this blog after 184 posts. it had served its purpose, i guess. maybe there simply wasnt more to say. not sure if there is more today, but right now, at the starting point of a four week vacation i’m in an appropriate mood to relaunch this little thing… following a rather spontaneous (and vague) idea.

a few weeks ago i found an old diary from those days, when the age of 35 seemed ludicrously far away. obviously i was all too curious how a life of a 35 year old could look like. so, let’s make a mid-30s inventory, maybe it’s able to provide some answers. first answer is easy though: no, i didnt make it to become a famous painter.

target audience is the same as always: this special handful of wonderful people from all over the globe, my gorgeous virtual companions. my english certainly hasnt improved much meanwhile – let’s get it on anyway…

p.s. i’ll follow some traditions from the first wave, like uncapitalization or posting a soundtrack from time to time… today: lectro spektral daze – full fractal vision (2016, goa trance)

[001] mid-30s inventory

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